What to do When You’ve Booked the Wrong Flight

img_0290I’m going to set the picture here. Imagine, you’re sitting down with your (then) partner ready to book flights for your first overseas holiday. You’ve chosen a month or season you’d like to go and now you’ve just got to choose the flight. Eagerly you pick the flights and pay. Then you read back over what you’ve booked and… it’s the wrong date. You’ve accidentally booked the return flight for the next month. Now, you’re panicking and you’re not sure what to do… I’m going to stop the imagery there. Thankfully for you, I’ve made this mistake so you can learn from my mistake. It’s really a simple fix, I’ve only got two points and, yes, I know when you do accidentally book the wrong flights you won’t be looking through peoples blogs to find the answer. But, I wish I had read an article like this before it happened to me.

Do Not Panic

I cannot stress this enough. Panicking is not going to help. The less you panic the faster you can fix this. Remember this isn’t an actual emergency. I mean, it feels like it, but in reality you have, in most case, a couple of weeks to fix the problem. So stress less and stay cool, calm and collected.

Change the Booking Online

I learnt from the above scenario that it’s actually cheaper to fix the issue yourself online than to call and ask for help. Because, they will charge you to do it for you!! Trust me though it’s fairly easy to do it yourself online. I just checked Australia’s main flight companies (Qantas, Jetstar and Virgin) and it was quite simple to find out how to change your flight. All you have to search for is ‘Manage Booking’.  From there, it should be fairly easy to follow instructions. I think most companies give you the chance to change your flight at least once so it should be free to change the flight, you might just need to pay the difference.


So, as you can see it really is quite simple and something not worth panicking over. Of course, it’s easier to triple check you’ve booked everything correctly, but it’s nice knowing it’s a simple fix as well. Have you ever booked the wrong flights? If you have, let me know in the comments. I’d love to read your stories

Books with Plot Twists that You should Definitely Read

I want to start this post by clarifying that I am a massive bookworm (which is kind of weird since I had so much difficulty learning to read as a kid). But from the day it finally clicked I haven’t stopped. And, because of that, I have so many recommendations I want to share. In this post I will share a couple of my favourite books that had massive plot twists. (I love plot twists)


Into The Water – Paula Hawkins

Written by the same author as The Girl on the Train so you know it’s going to be good. However, I won’t say if you liked The Girl on the Train you’ll like Into The Water, because they are very different books. Written around the death of Nel and the mystery to find out what really happened to her in the lead up to her death. This book isn’t quite as suspenseful as The Girl on the Train and it’s told from a lot more character point of views. Which can make it a little confusing but trust me, it’s worth it. The twist in this book was insane and left me thinking about it for days after.

The Woman in the Window – A.J. Finn

Told from the perspective of Anna, a psychologist living with agoraphobia. A condition that has her trapped inside her own house. Finn did an incredible job with this book, especially since it’s based entirely inside Anna’s house. With the exception of maybe two or three scenes. Just to think Finn has written an entire thriller based inside one house is actually crazy! (I think so anyway). Although, I will admit there were times Anna’s agoraphobia was insanely frustrating it was also extremely eye opening. This is a real condition that real people live with. I really recommend this book for something a bit different.

Pretty Girl – J.C Burke

Pretty Girl is based around a group of four girls who go to university together. As you gather from the blurb one friend is in hospital, one ends up dead and Sarah has some relationship struggles while dealing with the first two issues. As you can probably tell, Pretty Girl is a young adult thriller opposed to the first two books which were written for adults. Which basically just means it’s not as ‘thrilling’ but it still has a pretty good plot twist and I’ve added it to the post because it was the book that got me into the reading the thriller genre.

We Were Liars – E Lockhart

We Were Liars is another young adult book. Because the first three books were thrillers I feel the need to point out that this book is more of a mystery. Basically, it’s based around a rich family that holiday on the same island every year and a main character that can’t remember what happened the holiday before. I have read some bloggers who claim they didn’t see the twists coming and others who said they saw it from the start. I’m somewhere in the middle of that. I saw it a chapter or two before it was revealed but the story behind it literally had me in tears. Like, I’m actually being serious. It’s also one of those books you can’t talk about too much because you’ll give it away, so you’ll just have to trust me on this one.


Have you read these books? If you have let me know what you thought, I would love to have a chat about them

New Zealand, South Island Photo Diary

When I was 19 a couple friends and I decided we were going to travel around New Zealand’s south island. Being 19 we legally weren’t allowed to hire a car, so we bussed it. It’s safe to say I’ll probably never use busses as a means to travel half a country ever again. I did get some cool photo’s though.

A cathedral in Christchurch that was destroyed during a devastating earthquake in 2011



We came across this bridge on a trail near Fox Glacier




This was taken at the underwater observatory in Queenstown which I recommend everyone I talk to to check out 
As an Australian who has never been anywhere near snow, just looking at it fascinates me 

If you have any questions about the images please don’t hesitate to ask

My Goals for 2019

Goodbye 2018 and hellooooo 2019! This year is going to be a very exciting, interesting and busy NewYearsEveyear. I’m quitting full time work and starting full time study plus part time work. So here’s a couple of my goals for this year to keep me on the straight and narrow


  1. Pass all of my Uni subjects.
  2. Clean up my diet. I’ve been eating a lot of junk food and I feel like absolute shit because of it
  3. Stop buying cheap clothing. I’m so over Cotton On, it’s not funny. I mean I love them but the quality of clothing just isn’t there
  4. Go on at least two holidays. Whether they be in Australia or Overseas, just as long as I go somewhere


There we go guys, my goals for 2019. Hopefully, writing them down and publishing them will give me more incentive to see them through(Especially no. 1)

Looking Back on 2018

If you want you to check out my original 2018 resolution post you can here. However, I’m going to do a quick recap of them in this post and have a quick chat about how they went.

  1. Live more

I actually think I did alright with this one. I mean I didn’t get to crazy and do the whole yes man movie plot. But I’ve definitely accomplished more this year than previous years. For example, I joined a social netball team and then a soccer club. I’m so glad I did too because I made new friends and I started going out more. Which has led me to being more confident in myself. IMG_0380

2. Work Towards a Career

If you read my ‘Why I took a Week off work’ post you’ll know that I hate my job. Which is a full time position in a retail store. So basically, I started panicking about my career. But, then I started over thinking it. Which meant I was getting no where because I would think of something I would like to do and then I would talk myself out of it. So after months of thinking about it and talking about it I enrolled back into university to study Primary Education. Which, coincidentally, was my original choice before I decided to enrol in Nursing. (Which did not work out)

3. Build a Better Home

This was a hard one to describe even back in January when I wrote my first post. But basically, I was sick of feeling like I was just coming back to a house rather than a home. And, I think I did alright with this one. I got a bit better with my home routine, I added a few candles to the house and added a couple different ‘homely’ touches.

4. Travel More

IMG_0007I really didn’t do great at this one. In fact, I didn’t even do good. Besides a trip to the Gold Coast in January I haven’t travelled at all this year. Hopefully 2019 brings more travel plans


My Throwback pre Party Playlist

So, New Years Eve is literally just around the corner and I’m sure most of you have already got the night sNight Outorted. But what about your pre drink playlist?? How many times have you started drinking and someone goes ‘oooh, let’s play some music!’ and then proceeds to take about 30 minutes to find and stick with a playlist. Now, personally, I find the best songs to jam out to before heading out are the bangers from your past. Here are just a couple of my suggestions

Disclaimer, I was born in the late 90’s, so most of these songs are going to be of the 2008-2013 era.

Promiscuous – Nelly Furtado, Timbaland


I Like It – Enrique Iglesias

Its Raining Men – The Weather Girls

Tik Tok – Kesha

We Like To Party – Vengaboys

My Humps – The Black Eyed Peas

Good Girls Go Bad – Cobra Starship, Leighton Meester

So, there we have a couple of song suggestions that are guaranteed to get you 1. Excited for hitting the town and 2. get cha dance on. If you want to check out the rest of my song suggestions you can find them on my aptly named ‘Dance Jams‘ playlist on Spotify.

How to Make Christmas feel more ‘Christmassy’ as an Adult

It can’t just be me who finds Christmas as an Adult a little disappointing. In fact, I know it’s not just me. There seems to be this kind of limbo phase between Christmas as a kid and having kids where Christmas just gets, dare I say, a little bland. So, this year I’ve tried spicing it up a little and I think I’ve found a couple things that bring back a bit of the excitement.

Christmas Movie night with Drinking Games

  Note, this isn’t going to be any fun if you or your friends don’t drink alcohol. Get a group of friends together and pick a few Christmas movies to watch and drink to. In my personal opinion, the perfect number of movies to watch is about 3. It should be a mix of a Christmas classic, a movie you all watched as kids and a new movie not a lot of you have seen. You can make up your own rules or google some ideas. I personally think the idea of putting a Santa hat on the corner of the TV and drinking every time it aligns to look like a character is wearing it sounds like fun.


Friendmas Dinner

Christmas is a time for appreciating your family and friends. Every year most people will have a big Christmas lunch or dinner with their family but what about your friends? Let them know you care by having a ‘Friendmas’ lunch or dinner in the lead up to Christmas day. After all, it’s your friends who get you through the working week.

Christmas light looking

Don’t be fooled you’re never too old to go light looking. Try and plan a time you and your friends can jump in a car and head to the most decorated suburbs in your town. I guarantee you, you’ll have a good time. Mostly because of all the gossiping you’ll do. But really, being adults we rarely get to just ‘hang out’.

Ginger Bread house decorating comp

For about 3 years myself and 2 of my closest friends would have a gingerbread house decorating competition. Before we all started working full time hours 😦.We would make our own gingerbread in our own time and make the icing together. Then we would stay up late trying to not only decorate, but keep our houses together and standing. They definitely weren’t masterpieces but they’re memories we look back on and still laugh about. Looking back, I’ve realised we never took any photos of our houses but I really highly recommend giving this one a go.