Different Ways of Travelling the World

There’s all kinds of ways you can travel around the world. So, I thought I’d write a blog post to give you a couple of ideas and share some inspiration to go with them. Hope you enjoy it



1. Solo Travel

If the one thing stopping you from buying a plane ticket and leaving is that you have no one to go with, this one’s for you. The world is amazing and you shouldn’t let anything stop you from exploring it. Plus, you’ll be able to do whatever, whenever you like. For some inspiration check out Brooke Saward and her blog World of Wanderlust.  With an entire section of her blog dedicated to solo travelling and picturesque destinations, it’s the perfect blog for some inspiration.


2. Without a Plan, Book as You Go

Really, the idea behind this is that you book the flight over and the rest is up to fate. While this can be seen as risky by some, it can be seen as absolute freedom to others. ‘Just One Day’ by Gayle Forman is an awesome read to get an idea of what it would be like to just book a flight and forget the rest. The book is directed at young adults and of course, centres around a love story. However, I think it also focuses on how the main character discovers her true potential while planning for and during her travels.


3. Volunteer Projects

Travelling with a volunteer group will help you see another country and culture, whilst leaving you with unforgettable memories and incredible stories. Plus, you’ll being able to make new friends with similar interest. Stephen and Jess from Flying the Nest, Australian travel bloggers and vloggers are a great source of volunteering inspiration. And, will have you reading every blog post and watching every last one of their volunteering vlogs. Which will then result in you googling and researching volunteer work and picking which trip you’d like to do. Seriously, I know from experience…


4. Travel Tours

Probably, one of easiest ways to travel with minimal chances of getting lost and making new friends is with a tour company. Of course, it’ll take a bit of research to find the company more suited to your preferences. However, I have heard good things about both Contiki and Gecko tours. Having friends that have travelled with both. Contiki being more for your party goers and gecko tours more for your adventurers. And, trust me both of they’re sites will have you reading through every trip and trying to decide which one to take.


15 Fun Facts About Me



I really love ‘Facts about me” posts, they’re interesting and I think they’re a great way to get to know who’s blog you’re reading. So let me know what you think about my facts, we might have abit in common…

1. I have 7 pets. 3 rats, 2 dogs and 2 cats

2. I have travelled to Bali and New Zealand

3. I hardly watch movies. Majority of the time someone asks me if I’ve seen a movie the answer is no


4. Currently wondering if I should go see Harry Styles live next year…

5. I’ve been wanting to move to London since I was 17 years old

6. Even though I don’t really believe in horoscopes, I still read my horoscope and horoscope personality descriptions and kinda wish they were real… I’m a scorpio

7. When I was younger I thought it snowed continuously during christmas in the northern hemisphere

8. I’m a very big book worm

9. I enjoy baking cakes but I’m not too fussed on eating cakes

10. I watched too much ‘River Monsters’ and now I’m scared of swimming anywhere but a pool

11. I did AllStar cheerleading throughout high school

12. I was a girl scout when I was a kid

13. I’d rather be hot than cold

14. I love documentaries, especially on serial killers…

15. My favourite food is hot chips (french fries for non Australians)

What You Need: Basic Carry On Luggage

As this is just a list of the basics you’ll need, I won’t be including essentials like a change of clothes, toiletries and all that kind of stuff. I hope you enjoy though, and let me know what you think.

Now, in order to carry everything you need, you’re going to need a good bag. My first choice of carry on bag will always be a backpack when it comes to over-seas travel. Otherwise, an oversized handbag will do the job.

Screen Shot 2017-06-21 at 7.24.42 pm

You can find this backpack for purchase here.

1. Passport and any required visa’s

Obviously if you’re travelling to another country you’re going to need your passports and any visa’s required. But, that doesn’t mean I haven’t seen people drive to the airport, or worse arrived at the airport for a connecting flight, only to realise they’ve forgotten their passport. So please, please just check at least once before you leave that you’ve actually got it.

2. Phone

Now, besides social media and all the pictures you’re about to take. Don’t forget to check in with your parents and friends. They’ll appreciate you letting them know you’ve arrived safely and that you’re okay a few days (or maybe even weeks) into your trip.

3. Wallet

Really, what I mean by wallet is money and ID. Remember, to carry at least a little bit cash of the local currency you’re travelling to and some of your normal currency as well.

4. Water

Remember, you need to stay hydrated. Especially, whilst flying. With all the changes in altitude levels and the lack of humidity caused by the planes air-conditioners our bodies become naturally dehydrated. And remember, dehydration can exaggerate jet lag!

5. Moisturiser/chap stick

I mentioned above that planes air-conditioners make the air extremely dry. Which means naturally your skin will dry out as well, especially on those really long flights. So it’s best to keep some moisturiser handy.


Again, with those air-conditioners. It’s always going to be cold on a flight, so even when heading to tropical climate you’ll need to take at least one jumper or cardigan. I prefer a full length cardigan, simply because I can use it as a blanket as well.

Screen Shot 2017-06-21 at 7.49.48 pm
This was the full length cardigan I wore during my trip to New Zealand.

7. Gum

Gum is commonly used to help feel a little bit fresher. However, it also works for popping your ears during take off and landing.

8. Magazines/ books

I personally prefer taking magazines on the first flight over so I an recycle them at my destination. I then buy a book or two before departing to read on my way back home. That’s one way to save space. (Alternatively, a kindle won’t take up much space.)

9. Headphones

I must admit the last couple of flights I’ve been on I haven’t had headphones. In fact, I don’t really own a pair. That’s left me staring at my travel buddy in jealousy as she’s tuned out the sounds of the plane with her music. So learn from my mistakes and don’t forget headphones.

10. Ipod

One last thing. In fact, I only thought about this on my last trip. Why waste all of your phones battery when you can buy an Ipod shuffle for quite cheap these days?


Photos From Bali, Indonesia

In Early February this year my best friend, Nikki, and I went to Bali. We stayed for about a week and during our trip we stayed in Ubud, Tanah Lot and Seminyak. So, in order to start off my blog I thought I would share with you guys a few of my favourite photos from our trip. I hope you enjoy them and let me know what you think.

The Rice Fields in Ubud


Monkey Forest, Ubud




Probably the best view I’ll ever have during lunch. This was at Tanah Lot temple.



Uluwatu temple


This was taken at the Wacko Burger cafe in Seminyak. They had the best vegetarian burgers I’ve ever eaten. In fact, I still think about them…

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