15 Fun Facts About Me

1. I’m currently 20 years old but will be 21 this November.

2. I love reading and am a massive bookworm.

3. I love marine life. Which is why I’m scared of open water swimming. I know too much…

4. I currently have 7 pets. Which includes, 2 dogs (Athena and Kaiser), 2 cats (Luna and Mishka) and 3 rats (Rambo, Opi and Cheezels).

5. I studied nursing for 2 years, however, with only 1 year to graduate I decided I really didn’t like it and dropped out.

6. I don’t really like drinking alcohol and try to limit it to really special occasions. I also try not to associate drinking alcohol with feeling down or stressed. (Australian legal drinking age is 18).

7. I have travelled through the entire south island of New Zealand and travelled around Bali.

8. I have never seen snow up close. Only on mountain tops in New Zealand.

9. Although I’m not very good at it, I really do enjoy running.

10. My partner and I are in the progress of planning a rather large sized tropical fish tank. (Stay Tuned)

11. Even though, I hate the cold weather at home, I kinda like travelling to cold climate countries.

12. I’m a firm believer that sauce is what makes or breaks a meal.

13.My friends and boyfriend hate going swimming with me because if the waters even slightly cold it takes me about 15 minutes to inch my way in.

14. I can’t wait to own my own house. Simply, so I don’t need to worry about the rules regarding what pets I can and cannot have. (Not many people understand pet rats)

15. Regarding the above fact, since owning rats, I have become a massive pet rat advocate.



Author: roadsandrivers96

A lover of travelling and going on adventures

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